Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

The team here at Dr. Hess’s office recently spent some extra time outside of the office with the amazing, Judy Kay Mausolf, who is a well-known motivational speaker in the dental industry. During this full day seminar our team learned how to be more effective leaders and how to provide exceptional patient care and experience. Judy Kay Mausolf is an incredibly impassioned and enthusiastic speaker who has years of experience working in the dental field. She focuses on “harnessing the power of passion, joy and celebration to reduce stress, increase happiness and improve performance”. During her full-day seminar, our team was able to learn an incredible amount from her positivity and passion.

We believe the foundation of an excellent team is the best way to deliver great care to our patients and make them feel as comfortable as possible while in the dental office. We put an incredible amount of care and attention into cultivating exceptional relationships in our office so that this same care and compassion can translate to our patients. As you may have noticed, we have been very blessed over the years with having extremely low turnover with our staff. When our patients walk in the door, they can always expect that same warm-hearted greeting from our amazing front desk staff, Cynthia and Cara. They can also expect the same gentle and thorough approach from our clinical staff at each and every visit. Our ability to form a solid team has allowed us the ability to deliver the same, exceptional care for our patients year after year.

We think that one of the biggest benefits of our office is that we treat one another like family, and as a result treat our patients like family. All our staff truly loves their jobs and loves the profession of dentistry. We try to exemplify this every day in our dedication to one another and to our patients.

Interestingly, Judy Kay Mausolf presented at the Washington Academy of General Dentistry, as a part of the Master Track Program. The Master Track Program is a long-standing continuing education course for dental professionals, which is currently being organized and operated by Dr. Hess, who was recently appointed as the Director of Education at the learning center. Our office is very much involved with continuing education and frequently holds educational courses at the Washington Academy of General Dentistry on topics such as Botox, Advanced Prosthodontics, Oral Surgery, and Implantology.