Root Canal Therapy Auburn

Root Canal Procedure Auburn

What is a Root Canal?

If you’re experiencing a toothache, you may need to visit Timothy A. Hess DDS, PLLC for root canal therapy in Auburn. A root canal is a common dental procedure. It is done to relieve tooth pain that is caused by infection or an abscess. This therapy is used in order to save the natural tooth and avoid extraction. It involves taking out the pulp of the tooth which includes the blood capillaries and nerves from within the tooth. This prevents further decay and the spread of infection. If you’re in need of root canal therapy in Auburn or any other dental procedure, contact Timothy A. Hess DDS, PLLC to schedule your consultation.

When should I treat a root canal?

A root canal treatment is generally needed when the nerve of the tooth becomes injured and begins to cause pain or infection.  Signs that suggest you may need a root canal may be swelling, lingering pain to temperature changes, or a dull throbbing ache associated with the tooth. When it is determined that root canal therapy is needed, it is extremely important that we act fast to prevent severe pain or infection that could lead to loss of the tooth.

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What Happens During a Root Canal?

Many people are nervous about visiting the dentist. At Timothy A. Hess DDS, PLLC we strive to put our patients at ease. During your root canal procedure in Auburn, x-rays of the affected tooth will be taken. Our dentist will examine the x-rays to determine the extent of damage. The actual procedure will then take place as follows:

  • Local anesthesia will be used to numb the area around the affected tooth.
  • A small rubber dam will placed over the affected area to isolate the tooth and keep it dry during the procedure
  • A small opening will be made in the tooth’s crown. Our dentist will use this hole to access the pulp.
  • Our dentist removes the pulp from within the tooth.
  • The cavity within the tooth will then be cleaned and disinfected. It will also be shaped in order to accommodate the filing more securely.
  • The canals are then filled with gutta-percha, a rubbery material.
  • A temporary filling is placed in the cavity to prevent infection and to seal the tooth.
  • Following a root canal procedure in Auburn the tooth is weakened, the solution to this is a crown being made and placed over the tooth.

Could There Be Complications After a Root Canal?

There are various complications that can occur after a root canal treatment in Auburn. The most common complications are as outlined below:


Infections can result when bacteria enter the tooth and access the soft tissue during the treatment. This can occur as a result of inadequate root canal therapy or perforation of the soft tissue. Signs of infection include swelling, pain, development of an abscess and fever. If you experience any of these symptoms seek treatment from your dentist as soon as possible.

Tooth breaking

Following root canal therapy in Auburn, we advise our patients to have a crown placed. This is because the teeth are severely weakened by the procedure. Failure to do so can result in the tooth cracking or breaking. You will then require further treatment which may include removal of the tooth.

Fracture of the root

The roots of the teeth may become fractured as a result of decay or cracks that may have been present but were too small to be noticed. It is important to discuss options for treatment in these cases which may include tooth extraction.

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