Dentist in Stuck, Auburn, WA

Caring and Compassionate Dentist in the Stuck Community, Auburn WA

When the time comes to pick a new dentist in Stuck, you want someone who makes you feel comfortable and at home. As an award-winning dentist, you can trust Timothy Hess DDS to handle your oral health needs. Our dental clinic is proud to serve the oral health needs of Stuck and all the nearby neighborhoods. When you need expert dental care, look no further.

Teeth Whitening Service

Did you know that the foods and drinks you consume each day stain the surface of your teeth? While we recommend that all our patients brush daily to remove the surface stains, it may not be enough. That’s why Timothy Hess DDS offers a professional teeth whitening service.

Our teeth whitening is far superior to over-the-counter products. We use a highly concentrated solution that activates quickly and removes even the deepest stains. Come see for yourself! We’re confident you’ll leave our clinic with a smile that is many shades whiter than before your appointment.

Pediatric Dentist

As a parent, you want the best for your child. That’s why Timothy Hess DDS specializes in pediatric dentistry. Our staff loves treating young patients. From babies to teenagers, our office has everything needed to provide your child with excellent dental care. Here are a few reasons why you should begin dental exams at an early age:

  • Check for proper tooth eruption and spacing.
  • Look for problems before they get bigger.
  • Diagnose jaw growth issues or sleep apnea.
  • Make children feel at ease visiting the dentist in Stuck.

Since we’re a family dental clinic in Stuck, every member of your family is welcome here. Our staff has a warm, welcoming bedside manner. We’ll make sure everyone feels comfortable while they’re under our care. We enjoy creating lifelong relationships with all our patients.

Dental Implants

Missing a tooth? With dental implants in Stuck, replacing an adult tooth is easier than ever. Our clinic offers this treatment to eligible patients who need to replace missing teeth. Whether you have one empty socket or want a full mouth of implants, our team can help you choose the implant procedure that’s right for you.

Here are the main benefits of dental implants:

  • Long-lasting: With proper care, dental implants Stuck can last a lifetime.
  • Realistic: Since implants bond with the jaw bone, they function like natural teeth.
  • Convenient: You don’t have to worry about changing your diet for your new implants.

Our clinic can customize your implant treatment to meet your needs. If you need a single tooth replaced, we will surgically place a titanium post and attach a dental crown. For patients looking to replace a row of teeth, we recommend placing a couple of implant posts and placing a specially made bridge or dentures on top. Either method delivers impressive results.

Get a Beautiful Smile from a Local Stuck Dentist

Here at Timothy Hess DDS, our commitment to providing excellent dental care to our patients is unsurpassed. We truly care about each patient who walks through our clinic doors. When you come to us, you know you’re getting innovative and experienced dental care.

With so many services available, we make it possible to treat all your dental needs under one room. At Timothy Hess DDS, we’re ready to welcome your family to our dental practice. Call us today to set up a consultation appointment and to get to know us.

Families are Important in Stuck

With nearly two-thirds of the population having children, the neighborhood of Stuck is the perfect place for new parents to begin their journey. This community is in the heart of Auburn, WA. It’s relatively small, with the entire neighborhood only encompassing less than a single square mile. However, great things do come in small packages. And the great family life in town continues to bring in new residents on a regular basis. Currently, a little more than 7,200 people are happy to call this quaint little community their home.

The median age in Stuck is 35, which is no surprise since so many residents are young families. Perhaps the main allure of this neighborhood is the affordable housing market. When compared to the rest of the state, the homes in this town are almost half of what you would expect to pay elsewhere. On average, houses sell for around $227,000. Even the rental prices are low with the average rental costing about $876, which is even lower than the median price in the rest of Auburn. This makes the neighborhood very accessible for those looking for starter homes. Only about half of the residents have a mortgage, while the rest rent. Investors flock to this community because of the high demand for rentals properties.

Some of the most prominent industries include service, production, and construction. Jobs in these sectors are dominated by males in the area. The working female population tends to stick to sales and office work. Stuck has a very diverse population, and many ethnicities are represented across town. With so many children and a lower than average family income, this town appreciates spending time in local parks. Socializing with neighbors helps to make this area a very close-knit community. Those looking to get started in the next chapter of their lives will find it easy to blend into the diverse neighborhood that is known as Stuck.