Dentist in Covington, WA

Reliable and Innovative Dental Clinic in Covington, WA

When was the last time you went to the dentist in Covington? At Timothy Hess DDS we want to see you twice a year to keep your smile beautiful. If it’s been over six months, then it’s time to schedule a checkup and cleaning. Patients from all over Covington, WA count on us to provide them with innovative dental services, at a price they can afford. Our clinic is known for using cutting-edge treatments, and there’s no dental concern we can’t handle. Let us give you the smile of your dreams.

Transforming Smiles with the Latest in Cosmetic Dentistry

There’s no reason you can’t have a picture-perfect smile. Our dental clinic Covington offers a full range of cosmetic dentistry procedures. No matter if you’re dealing with discolored or damaged teeth, we will help you find a treatment that will transform your smile. Some of our most requested cosmetic procedures include:

Porcelain Veneers

We use thin sheets of porcelain to repair damaged teeth, cover up discoloration, and even lengthen shortened teeth. Get a movie star smile with veneers.

Composite Fillings

Dark, metal fillings are a thing of the past. Composite fillings match the color of your teeth. We use this innovative material for both fillings and dental bonding.

Teeth Whitening

Get the bright smile you’ve always wanted in just about an hour with our professional teeth whitening procedure. You’ll be amazed with the results.

Dental Crowns

Repair broken teeth and cover large fillings with restorative dental crowns. We’ll match the shape and color of your crown to match the original tooth.

The Local Leaders in Dental Implants

Missing teeth are very common. In the past, patients either wore uncomfortable dentures or dealt with a noticeable hole. Dental implants Covington have changed the way we view missing teeth. Our dental clinic Covington is leading the way when it comes to implants. We treat patients who are missing a single tooth and those who are missing a full arch.

Unlike dentures, dental implants Covington work like real teeth. We surgically place a post into your jaw bone. Once it bonds into place, it becomes a prosthetic tooth root. A dental crown is secured onto the post. Come find out if you’re an ideal candidate for this groundbreaking treatment.

Kid-Friendly and Compassionate Dentist in Covington, WA

It’s important for all children to see a family dentist in Covington at least once a year. Here at Timothy Hess DDS, we understand that some children are fearful about visiting us. That’s why we strive to create a warm, welcoming environment where all our patients always feel comfortable. We are known for our gentle care, especially with our younger patients.

If your child is still afraid of seeing us, then be sure to inquire about our sedation options. Sedation dentistry is the best way to calm fearful patients using safe and proven methods. Your child will remain completely relaxed during their appointment. Sedation isn’t just for kids. We also offer sedation to our adult patients.

Enjoying Small Town Life in Covington, WA

The city of Covington, WA has a very interesting history. It originally began as a rail town when a station was built to act as a stop between the other areas in the state. As more people began to enter, the Covington Lumber Company opened shop. Although small, this lumber company could process many pieces of wood each day. It remained a staple in the area until the Great Depression. In 1937, the unincorporated town opened its very own school district. Finally, in 1997, the city became incorporated.

Today, the city is still known for being one of the great small towns in the state. With a population of only 20,000 people, neighbors are sure to know each other. It’s just a short drive to many other larger cities, including Kent. As a commuting city, most workers drive about 30-40 minutes each day to get to their job. Manufacturing is the most common job field, while retail comes in a close second.

This small city offers a lot of great events for locals. The government hosts many gatherings throughout the year to keep residents excited and involved. Each year in the summer, the city celebrates the Covington Days Festival. Complete with food, live music, and even a parade, this festival brings residents together during the warmer months. In December, people are welcome to attend the spectacular Covington Tree Lighting Event. Sip on hot cocoa and mingle with friends while the holiday season is brought to life.

Those who want to enjoy some fun in the sun won’t be disappointed. The popular aquatic center is the perfect place to learn to swim or just want to enjoy some relaxing time in the water. As an indoor facility, the water is always ready no matter the weather. There are also plenty of parks and sporting fields for leisure or team play. Families appreciate all the amenities the little city of Covington, WA has to offer.

Setting the Standard for Local Dental Care

Your overall oral health is very important to our expert staff at Timothy Hess DDS. We will do whatever is needed to properly diagnose and treat all your dental problems. It’s our mission to make sure every patient can leave with a healthy, bright smile. We set the standards high. Our patients from Covington, WA and the surrounding areas appreciate our dedication to great dental health. Your satisfaction is important to us. Call our office today if you’re ready to transform the health of your teeth with a dentist in Covington.