Injection Over Molded Composite Veneers.

A “veneer” is a type of restoration that is used in cosmetic dentistry to change the shape, color, and overall appearance of a tooth or teeth to create a more esthetic smile. In most cases, in order to utilize a veneer a small amount of tooth structure must be removed to create room for the veneer restoration. After the tooth is reduced, an impression is made of the patient’s teeth, which is then sent to a dental laboratory to fabricate custom porcelain restorations which are later bonded to the teeth. This process takes several weeks to complete.

There is another option available where very esthetic results can be achieved by covering a patients tooth in heated composite (plastic filling material) in a process called “Injection Over Molding”. This process does not necessarily require that any tooth structure be removed and can be completed in a single appointment. There is no need to take an impression, wear temporary restorations, or wait for the restorations to be made in a laboratory.

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