Implant Supported Prostheses.

Implant Fixed Bridges

When several teeth are missing in a particular area, an implant bridge can be used. The first step is to place at least two implants in the desired area to anchor the bridge. The bridge, comprised of three or more teeth, is then attached to the implants in order to replace the missing teeth. These bridges are typically made from a white porcelain material and anchored to the implants with titanium screws. These bridges can be removed by your doctor if absolutely necessary, however they are typically left in place indefinitely. Implant bridges can serve as a very natural way to replace missing teeth, and the patient would likely find them indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Implant supported prostheses - Auburn

Over Denture

An overdenture is a type of removable denture that is anchored to two or more implants. The denture “snaps in”, however can easily be removed by the patient. Often the biggest complaint a patient has about their denture is that “it keeps falling out”. An overdenture is a very cost-effective method of giving additional retention to a denture so that there can be a much more comfortable, hygienic fit with out all of the denture adhesive. This variety of prosthetic is generally used to help retain a lower complete denture, and as few as two implants can be used.


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