Auburn Family Dentist

Why is Visiting the Family Dentist so Important?

If you’re like many people, you probably only reserve your visits to the dentist for when you’re experiencing oral health issues. Now you have a family and your children will probably follow suit. However, if you want your family to avoid the pain and suffering you have experienced, it is important to set them on the right path early. The dental clinic of Timothy A. Hess DDS, PLLC offers family dentistry Auburn services designed to meet the needs of all members of your family. We’re not only committed to helping families resolve oral health issues but also take the proactive approach and prevent them. Our clinic will:

  • Help eliminate dental anxiety in children at an early age. We strive to ensure that all our patients feel comfortable and safe at our dental practice.
  • Meet the needs of the entire family under one roof. Seeing the same family dentist Auburn will save time and money with all the family members being served at the same clinic.
  • Have a better understanding of your family dental history with all your family members attending the same clinic. We will be better able to provide solutions or prevent oral health issues.

My Teeth Feel Fine, Do I Still Need to See a Dentist?

Yes. You will need to see a dentist even when you believe your teeth are fine. Getting your entire family to attend regular checkups with your family dentist Auburn is a great way to ensure their oral health. We offer family dental care Auburn services focused on preventative care. Regular visits to our dentist will ensure that oral health issues are caught in the early stages. We are therefore better able to provide effective solutions to the issues.

Family dentistry Auburn services at Timothy A. Hess DDS PLLC are also focused on promoting good oral health. We educate patients of all ages on good oral hygiene and developing good habits. We will also guide you and your family on preparing and planning meals that are not only good for your body but also your teeth.


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What Happens During a Dental Checkup?

We understand that many people are anxious about dental checkups. We offer family dental care Auburn designed to provide every member of the family with comfort. You’ll be greeted by our friendly staff on your arrival to your appointment. With our services you’ll gain access to a family dentist Auburn trusts for the best care. Your dental checkup will begin with general questions about your oral and general health. Our dentist will them examine your mouth and take x-rays if necessary. After the quick check up and review of your x-rays, we will recommend any additional dental work.

How To Take Care of Your Teeth Between Dental Checkups?

It is important to take care of your teeth. We provide services to guide patients in establishing good oral hygiene routines. We recommend that patients:

  • Brush their teeth at least two times a day
  • Floss at least one time a day
  • Eat foods that promote good oral health such as vegetables an avoid foods as well as drinks that are packed with processed sugar or that highly acidic. These foods can damage your teeth’s enamel and cause tooth decay.
  • Stay hydrated to support the production of saliva

How Often Should I Visit the Dentist?

Don’t put off visiting a family dentist Auburn residents trust to the time you are experiencing oral health problems. We advise that patients visit the dentist at least once a year for an oral health checkup. Contact us today to schedule your appointment with our dentist.