Conservative Dentistry.

Dr. Hess and Dr. Parque pride themselves in providing the most “conservative” treatment possible when addressing patient needs. Whenever a patient has a dental problem, whether it be “disease”, such as a cavity, or esthetic concerns there is generally the need to remove healthy tooth structure. This often cannot be avoided. However, there are conservative treatment alternatives available that can either reduce, delay, or prevent the removal of healthy tooth structure. These varieties of treatment are not generally offered by all clinicians, and the biggest reason is that many of these options take specialized training, expertise, and attention to perform. Our goal is to help our patients achieve optimum oral health and address our patients’ esthetic concerns in the most minimalistic, and conservative way possible to give our patients a smile that lasts a lifetime.

Our office is very attuned to treating our patients in a preventative and conservative manner. Call our office for a consultation to see how we can be of help!

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