Churches in Auburn

If you are a religious person, finding a friendly church where you can worship each week is important. Those living in Auburn will be happy to learn of the various houses of worship throughout the town. No matter your beliefs, you’re sure to find a church you will enjoy visiting every Sunday.

Faith and Victory Church

If you are unapologetic about your love for God, then you will find plenty of like-minded individuals at Faith and Victory Church in Auburn. This non-denominational church is the ideal worship center for those who don’t subscribe to a particular belief system. 

Each weekly service features a lively sermon, joyous praise music, and lots of hands in the air. They even offer a live stream for those who cannot attend the service. Believers of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to give this celebratory church a try.

Turning Point Community Church

People may question their beliefs at different points throughout their lives. Turning Point Community Church makes an effort to reach people when they need God the most. Different circumstances and life events may cause you to struggle, and if you have more questions than answers, then this may be the right church home for you.

The church caters to people of all ages. The children’s center introduces God’s message through many fun and interactive lessons. A youth group reaches out to teenagers when they may have many questions. There is even a ministry group for those who want to share Jesus with others. With so many ways to get involved, you’ll never run out of ways to worship.

Holy Family Catholic Church

Auburn residents with a Catholic upbringing will feel right at home at Holy Family Catholic Church. This traditional church offers traditional masses and many additional events throughout the year. An active youth group makes it an excellent place for teens to build a closer relationship with God.

The church also offers Vietnamese services for those in the community. Different masses and services catering to their Vietnamese congregation are scheduled each week. Those looking for religious schooling can attend the Holy Family Catholic School, which is available for K-12. They also offer Vietnamese language classes.

Grace Community Church

As part of the Billy Graham Crusade, Grace Community Church opened its doors in Auburn back in 1952. Since then, it has become a staple in the community for those looking for an open-minded, Jesus-loving house of worship. The church follows the teachings of both the Old and New Testaments. They believe that salvation is gained through Jesus, and they baptize their congregation.

The church takes pride in serving a very diverse and multigenerational crowd. You’ll find people from all ethnicities and walks of life filling the pews each week. They offer Spanish translations for non-English speakers who still want to worship with them. Children and teens will find plenty to keep them busy throughout the week in various youth activities. There are even groups for young adults and moms who want to strengthen their relationship with Jesus. If you prefer singing and interactive sermons, then this may be the right church for you. Go Back

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